Hipster custom... Lol.

  A few months ago I remember seeing this bike in 100% Biker Magazine from UK. And all that stuck with the was its paint looking like some sort of sneakers only a hipster-punk kid would wear. But I was also intrigued by its looks.

   Since then I tried to find more infos about it, but of course, when you look for something in particular clearly you ain't gonna find it. Few weeks after I was done with my chase, I found more about it, by mistake.
   It was built in 2012 by the Spanish shop No Stock Bikes.  Named Hereja (heresy) , the bike competed  and won the Best of Show in MULAFEST 2012.  Competing at the 2013 AMD Championship as well, it ended up on the #27 place in the Freestyle Category.

        What I like best about it is that's a small urban assalt vehicle. It doesn't want to be big-grande or something else. It's a small clean and fun bike (I guess). The engine is an Suzuki Savage 650cc's. Hooked to a ...that's a nice adition... a Big Twin open primary hooked with a fat BDL belt. Why I don't know and I don't care. But it's dwrenched and it looks good. In fact it looks rough and tough. Suicide shifter for as a ''classic touch'' (hahaha). The filled Harley V-Rod wheels add another note to that rough look-design too.  On contrast, the skinny BMX style fornt end with a 34 rake was built by NSB. The handlebar is clean with no wires in sight. The fuel tank is also from a V-Rod.
 And now again with my ''favourite'' part, the paint. Done by ZGK. In the bmx-skater-punk fashion. And oh, here's a bmx-er on tha gas tank painted, just to make that statement even clearer.

     Bottom line, I hate the paint sheme cause it's not something I might be comfortable with. But I love the bike. And it wasn't built for me so more power to the guys over at NSB Spain for doing it ''their'' way.

No Stock Bikes
Photo credit : soymotero.net / motopormoto.com 

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