Two weeks ago, me and a fellow custom builder of mine were fascinated by the cool looks of a V-Rod Cafe Racer I found online. The photos were awful... Last week I get a message via my Facebook, being asked if I wasn't interested in featuring a bike. It was Dr. Mechanik who contacted me, the builder of the V-Rod I was fascinated by already. Karma's a (good) bitch sometimes, ey ?

   Before going any further I'd like to confess something. I hate Cafe Racers. And when I say that I kinda mean it. Hate the ''period'correct'' style and look of the Cafe Racers. I can appreciate (and probably ''dig'') the look of a streched and raked chopper but I can't appreciate a big whole under my ass like most of the CR's have. Yes, it's about ''more is less'' and speed in both cases, but I just can't get happy and all smiles when I see a bike  that's ''unfinished''. I like nice smooth lines, curves and kinky shadows.

   That doesn't mean I don't really like some of the so-called Cafe Racers out there. It just takes time to spot one I can digest.

     Which finally brings us to today's story ! I don't usually write on ''ONE OF THE BEST. EVER'' . But then again, an exception had to be made.
After a car vs bike crash, Georg Friedrich, an austrian actor, ended up with his V- Rod pretty much a wreck.
   And specking of, I hate the V-Rod as well. Hahaha. Talking about the pure stock bike.  Just because it's not a pure HD in my opinion (and it's not). Yeah yeah yeah... I don't care if you put me in a corner and start hitting me with rocks. I'm all for innovation and so on, but not in this ''case'' .  So pretty much... I'm a hater. Deal with it (...) . Although the Night Rod is pretty cool, have to admit.
   Only the engine and the electronics were salvageable after Georg's crash. Enough for Dr.Mechanik to step in and suggest building a Cafe Racer. Considering the fact that Georg was a fan of the British classic bikes from the 60´s, it was a 5 seconds decisio;, as Dr. M. says. Cafe Racer look with the charm of the 60´s and performance of the present.

For those who are not familiar with the name Dr. Mechanik, here's a little intro by the man himself :

   ''I grew up in Croatia, in a small town with a race track through the streets of upper town. Contaminated with the virus of speed, I built my first motorcycle at 14 and started earning money repairing bikes at 16 years old. In the 90's I went to Germany and started
working on vintage cars, Jaguars and Maseratis mostly. I learned the secrets of bodywork building on my own, by trial and error. Perfection being my aim. Since 2004 I am building motorcycles for
people who want to have something special, and who are not particulary interested in mainstream.''

    Coming back to the V-Rod project, Dr. M. tells us :
   ''I took a new frame and chopped it as much as possible, ending with a 12 kg lighter frame than the original. The down tubes are made of aluminum now, and for low weight I took a Ducati side
The whole tail of the frame which is carrying the suspension is also hand made out of aluminum.
Decided to put the gas tank where it belongs, on top of the engine. Not that easy plan because of the airbox and all the electronics the v-Rod comes with. The cap if from an old crashed 12 cylinder Jaguar I took of many years ago. This was the right moment to use it. Tank fits 18 liters of fuel.
   Many aluminum parts on the bike are handmade, the rims also. The front wheel is fitted with Buell braking system and in the rear I put my own braking system that I developped a few years
ago. I'm using the same system for all my bikes that I am building now. The wheels are3,5x18 and 8,5x18. Avon tires; 120/70/18 and 250/40/18 for the rear.
The exhaust is made of stainless steel and titanium and it weights 3,6 kg only.
   To improve the street performance the engine is no more rubber mounted. It is hard bolted on the frame. The bike rides very stable and precise now.
This bike is built to perform and it's not a trailer queen, it works fine and it weights less than 60kg than the original V-Rod.''

    The engine is a stock 2003 V-Rod breathing through a K&N air cleaner. While the list of custom fabbed parts, except the tank and the wheels, is pretty long. Including fenders, pegs and controls, seat, tailight and licence plate.
Man... building your own wheels, that's hardcore ! The handlebar is from an Laverda TS 1200 and the grips are Magura. The 2 in 1 and back to 2 Bodis mufflers exhaust system sure makes a strong visual impact also.

   The Cafe V-Rod built by Dr. Mechanik is a pure street bike. It has the looks to tear up through crowded urban areas, cut corners and go long on the freeway. The 120 hp's sure back up that visual statement. It's like a well trained and definned boxer waiting to ''engage'' into the fight.
I love it. And that's why I accepted putting it on dW and also doing a write up about it. I see plenty of zombie-camels with wheels getting featured on other websites/blogs etc. This is not the place. I know it and damn sure you know it too.

Thanks Dr. Mechanik !


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