Beyond cool...

   One off -handmade dWrenched  figurine !!! No, it won't go into production of any kind. Please note that the figurine is the real figurine of the dWrenched Semper Fidelis sticker and not a copy of anything else. After some it could look a lot like Santa Muerte (...). To me, his face looks a little like Eddie's from Iron Maiden. The dWrenched guy is none of those. He has his own personality with his own shit to deal with. Like wrenchin and welding stuff !
  So do not disturb him and let him be... dWrenched !

   Done by the same artist who started the actual design of the sticker, the underground romanian artist Valeriu Neicu aka Graph Arrow. His passion for doing art ''his way'' is not fresh news to me. Over the years he's been building diecasts using his own recipe. Plastic spoons for motorcycle fenders, fairings and so on. Almost everything we have in a house and on our desk he sees differently; he sees them ''chop'' parts materials. His free-hand drawings are also very cool, done only with pencils. Take a look !

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