''Life lessons with the Misfits Inc crew.

This is a 1959 International Harvester, bagged, Alcoa wheels machined down to fit. This is our club wagon we take to shows.  The interior has been kept to the bare bones. Why have the frills when a bunch of dudes and beer are going to get rowdy riding around back there?!

   The front seats have been designed to resemble barber chairs, the rest of the seating are theater seating. (For the rest of the best!)
     As you can see the Metro is fully bagged, so it clears all those speed bumps people are concerned about.  That’s right a ‘59 International Harvester. The wheels are one off, suspension, and threw a small block for grins. Wheels are Alcoa semi wheels machined down to fit 24” tires. The wheels are tucked under the Metro with a full air ride setup.
A boombox supplies the tunes..not much more we could ask for.''


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