Geek mode.... aaactivated. 
If the name Spawn doesn't ring any (hell) bells in your head get along with the program :

   I decided to post this bike not because I ''like'' it or because it's something fresh. The Spawn bike was in fact built in 2010-ish by Rat Shop Custombikes . I just (re)found it and went oh watta hell why not ?! 

    So yeah, crazy details, insane paintjobs and huge rear tire(s)... The right recipe for the cookie cutter choppers era if you will. Thank God all that ended huh ?! But Spawn was all about that cool yet scary stuff, right ?
And if you want some numbers and names here goes... The frame is Rolling Thunder drop-seat softail, customised by Ratshop. Forty degrees in rake. The engine is an 145ci S&S with a Mikuni carb, 5 speed Baker tranny, Evil Engineering primary. Mean Street front end.
Wheel Racing ... 21' front wheel and Rick's on the rear. Headlight, gas tank, handlebars by Ratshop. Cool in the ''claws'' turn signals. Stoplight by Synergie. Air design paintjob in the Spawn style.
   And oh yeah... 360 rear tires; just to make it right.

Now let's kill some zombies, Hell creatures... or at least some gov'ners :)))

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