A must see collection...

   Long story short; Mr Ion Tiriac is a romanian version of Rockefeller. The man has a bank carrying his name, an inssurence company, huge national car dealer, aerian fleet and so on... He's/was also a tenis star. But I don't care about that.
 He is also a car guy.
 And Tiriac Collection is a ''museum/showroom'' where (some of) his cars can be admired by the public. INSANE collection.

This is only a small...small sample of the what it's exposed there; the cars I like best. Made the trip weeks ago, but only now I have the time to post it up.
At the end of this post you'll find the link to my flickr set where you can check the complete (?) expo in more than 200 pics.  Enjoy :

     ''Ion Tiriac is the only private collector in the world that holds all six series of Rolls-Royce Phantom launched from the '60s until now, including fourth generation, produced in 17 copies and sold only to the crowned heads of the world.'' - autoindustry.ro

Check the whole collection plus all the details about each car here .

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