So let's take an ''almost'' classic car & turn it into a zombie killer... Rat Fink, watch out !!!

    This is one of the ''to do yestereday'' stories I keep track of. It's one of those builds who fit best on dWrenched because it's so crazy. Crazy cool. 
You guys ever seen a Volvo Amazon ? Well, not you guys from Sweden...lol  It looks like this :

   A very nice little sporty (?) sedan. And here's Henrik Larsson's, the owner of Larsson Customizing version :

   But no no, don't worry,  Henrick did not murdered a sweet ol' car, burried it just so the car would rise in a zombie-mutant shape !
In fact, the car was pulled out from a junkyard; “There was no trunk, no fenders, seats, windows or any of the parts that made it a car. Just a shell” -says Henrik for Speed Hunters.
And so he decided to bring back from the dead the nice lil' Amazon... But with a more ''hardcore-zombie'' gasser look. And a bit more kick once you push down the pedal. To the metal. Mot a mot, sort-of.    
    What kicks you in the face (eyes) first is the Chrysler Hemi 54'-55' , 331ci with the  GMC 6-71 supercharger. It's like a hard kick in the balls. It's in an utter contrast with the smooth (''smooth''...) little body that I first thought it's a Porsche's to be honest. 
    The double Edelbrock 650 carburettors sure look badass too. Not to mention the exhaust tips running through the front fenders. Not to mention....
    For the hp geeks, it produces about 400-500 ponies; crazy rubber eating and petrol thirsty ponies. Three-speed automatic transmission  from GM/Chevy with adaptor to fit, from hotheads early Hemi parts.
     And  it was called Hemizon.

      The list of the parts that were made for Hemizon is quite long...
It starts with a complete new floor, custom firewall and trunk floor. All one-off by Larsson Customizing. Full custom interior. Fibreglass body panels and plexiglass windows. Custom rear shocks and fully custom front end set-up from hot rod and drag car. The huge rear slicks make also a heavy impact, 15×10'' Slot Mag wheels with Nascar slicks. Hoosier baby !
   And custom wheels and drag car tyres for the front.

     It's a great f'in machine if you ask me & I love it. I'm really glad and happy that Henrick went his way and said no to a restoration or something like that. I'm glad he set his crazy f'ed up imagination and went along with it. Now is there a problem if I'd like to take it for a quick spin, gaining some imaginary points like in that old game.... Carmageddon ?! :)
    I mean...I'd like to race it...yeah, that's what I wanted to say !
Larsson Customizing

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