''I picked up a basket case '60 Panhead a few months ago that was completely torn down. I had other plans for the engine and trans so I ended up with a massive pile of parts that made up a complete roller. I also had a bored and stroked hot rodded Shovelhead engine and a 6 speed trans from another aborted project. So I did what any gear grinder would do and cobbled together a bike with all the parts I had laying around. I'm not a big fan of FLH's or swingarm frames or anything stock so I just kind of haphazardly tossed it together. That's why there are a lot of rough edges on it. A good friend of mine felt sorry for me so he did all the bodywork on the tins and laid down the pretty seafoam metallic paint. Now that the paint's done and it's all together and running I'll probably have to go back and clean some things up to make the rest of the bike look as good as the paint.''

Rebuild and redesign project by Chris via Motorcycle Photography by Frank Bott

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