This one is really nice. (Talking about the bike...)

    I sincerely appologize for the stupid intro. I'm one of those turds that when they spot a cool bike don't care for other ''distractions'' anymore. And you already know that I write dWrenched articles only when I'm feeling it... So yeah, I'm feeling this bike. A lot.

     Besides the wheels (...) and the 5$ stoplight nothing is random or ''normal''  on this bike. It looks out of a zombie killing movie. The guys over at Mutiny Cycle Works took care of that.
 The drop seat mono shock frame is built in-house and it's called ''High Seas'' . It's a handfull of aggressivity. Low, baby apes... The weird tank it's also bitchin' . What shape is that ?!
Gotta tell ya... the 35 raked girder is the first thing I noticed on the bike though. Man that thing is freakin' gorgeous. Also, bult by MCW.
    The power is provided by a 1999 Buel X1 Lightning.  Dyna 2000 ignition, Andrews cams,  Screamin Eagle forced intake, stock HD/Buell tranny, primary and clutch. Still, plenty of kick; for the connaisseurs. Stock HD wheels.

    The MCW made parts inlude the tank and the girder (already mentioned) , oil tank, foot controls, pegs and seat. Painted by Robbie Lynch from Tim Bradham Cycles. Pinstripes by Jesse Denman “Pops” .
The more I look at it, the more I'd love to take Murderace out for a spin. It has that ''c'mon let's raise some Hell vibe'' .
    Till then.. here's another bitchin set of pics. By Michael Pelkey Photography.
The set of photos above are shot by Shannon Loper Photography .

     Mutiny Mayhem

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