Bla bla bla Big Daddy. Bla bla bla the Beatnik Bandit...

Everytime I see a cool bubble top car/vehicle or a weird looking design, (some) people's minds click at the name Big Daddy. So to be really crazy today, does it mean you're copying somebody in the past ?! Hmmmm...

Fuck no. Of course the kustom kulture (with a k mofos ! lol) would have been a lot less sacred and a lot more poorer in legacy if Big Daddy would have been a sane person with a ''normal'' life. But that doesn't mean we're all going in that ''way'' , na way mate !

You see, the creator of the Cosmotron is Paul Bacon, an Uk lad. He, like most of us, got tired of the whole stock boring cars. And started  tinkering and making his own crazy interpretation of a future car on a 1:1 scale. A cool mix of vintage and futuristic lines with a Jetsons twist was added.

    It took about a year for the Paul and Kristy Bacon couple to finish the car; '12-2013 . The whole interior was built by Kristy while the whole fiberglass body was done by Paul. A stock BMW Z3 frame, motor and tranny was used to move around Cosmotron's booty. Also, many recyled stuff were used. Bottle caps for the grille, salt'n peper ornaments for the zoomies area and a handle from some fireworks carrier (?!) .
     The Cosmotron can also move it's sassy body, with a top speed of 255km/h !!!

  ''The interior was stitched by my wife Kirsty on our kitchen table and my friend Lee did the wiring. The paint is flake (can't be seen in pics) and was applied by my friend Melv in my home workshop. I made everything else and now I wanna do another but this time I'm gonna go wild. Building this kinda stuff is great, making a real one off with no restrictions other than your imagination and then freaking the squares out on the road.'' said Paul for spritz by fritz , a while ago.

Another, wild(er) ?! Bring it on mate !!!

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