So hot outside, this looks so cool, f#ck yeah.

   This is one of Josh Allison's bicycle-motorcycle builds. Josh is a hot rod builder, but from time to time he likes to have fun building neat lil' bikes. 

      2.5 inches stretched Schwinn bicycle frame and 2 inches dropped. Rigid, badass looking. Gussets were used to reinforce it. Monarch 2 springer front end. Bitchin' 26 inches white tires also do the trick of making the bike look more ''racing'' , board track stryle.
 The engine ? 66cc two stroke engine, pedal start with a Cns carb. Not much in the braking department though !

   Josh built the tank and left everything metal to get that nice looking patina look, then clear coated it. This lil' fucker looks so damn nice and it's a perfect example that you don't really need big $$$ to build something cool !

Josh Allison's facebook
Build and Destroy Customs

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