Since I'm not really a fan of the whole Q&A stuff, I asked my buddy to present himself and say a few words about this beautiful chop... :        

 ''My name is Reinhard W, I'm  33 years old and I am from from Upper Austria.
I am working as an office worker. Riding bikes since I was 20, chopping up everything. Kawasaki, Ktm's, Suzuki and a few Harleys and in the end, this Pan. I always dreamed of an KnuckleHead, Pan or Shovel in a hardtail frame. Something like this is very difficult and rare in Austria though. Last winter I sold my Fatboy and bought a filthy Panhead with papers.

   Btw, it's a 46 Knuckle motor with 48 Pan heads in a 72 Wishbone frame with more rake.
Correction: it´s not a Wishbone frame. it´s a "I don´t know" frame hahaha

   The handlebar is from Wannabe Choppers from Germany, the controls are from Kustom Tech. At the moment it has a handclutch. This winter I'm planning on making a footclutch and suicide shifter. Maybe also another frame (original) and another short springer frontend. We will see what winter brings. Now I just finished the Huggster-Sportster.
(we'll feature that sweet lil' ride here on dW soon) Next week I will start playing with an Yamaha XS, chopping it up. For dirt riding,  maybe.

   Spent lots of hours, sleepless and long nights working on this fuckin bike. And so the name Psychohead was born for this mean machine. A friend of mine from Germany did this awesome paintwork,Chiko. And my best bro, Da Guru, took these awesome photos.

I will make the suicide clutch, mid controls and an upswept exhaust soon. And oh yeah, my shop-garage is called Sick Chop Garage .
   Ps: For the guys that dig my shit: I love you too!
        For my haters: Fuck off and go fuck yourselves :) ''

Bitchin' bike mano !!!  Sick Chop Garage
Killer paint by Chikos Pinstriping
& f#cking awesome photos by my bud Da Guru Photography .

Check these guys out and support'em cause they are doing really good shit in their fields. Like-share-subscribe. 

My ps : So honored to know that Da G Man took this shots specially for dWrenched. Havin' the dW name there with Da G's is freakin' surreal for me...oh wow. Thanks a bunch big man !!!

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  1. Thanks a lot buddy - for this great feature on your awesome site! Cheers!


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