Need for speed...

   It doesn't matter what you ride, but as long as you do you'll always feel that need for more. More speed. Faster, faster. Always a bit faster. You know what I mean...
    And it doesn't matter if you're a punk kid with a crotch-rocket, a dragbike racer or a bonneville racer on your goal to a faster lap; nor' a kid on a BMX.. all you want is to go FASTER.

Always been fascinated by things that go fast. On two wheels... even more. And I always wanted to learn more about the few who took this idea even faster....I mean further :)   Ernst Henne  is the name we talk about today.
Found exacly what I was looking for on a few blogs so I'll just quote the gents who did the write up's already :

       ''Ernst Henne was a German motorcycle racer and racecar driver. 
Interested in motor vehicles, he started working on engines at a young age. He started racing in 1923 and soon he was already winning races and championships(1926, 1927 German championships) . He was also interested in land speed racing. 

   Henne bought a 1928 BMW R37, took it apart and kept…some of its parts! He then started building what was to become one of the greatest land speed record motorcycles in motorcycle history. After it was finished, the supercharged, two-cylinder, boxer engine bike, produced more than 100hp!''

    ''The machine had a supercharger above the gearbox, and a tubular chassis (the metal panels are aerodynamic, not monocoque.''

   ''In 1929 Ernst Henne set up the first of a total of 76 world records on a 750 cc supercharged BMW motorcycle derived from the R 37, posting a record speed of 216.75 km/h.
   This motorcycle was continuously evolved by  Sepp Hopf and Rudolf Schleicher and, in its final version of 1935, managed to claim a new absolute world record for BMW on 27th September 1935 with a top speed of 256 km\h.

Technical data
Engine / Displacement: 2-cylinder / 749 cc
Bore x Stroke: 83 x 68 mm
Power: approx. 100 bhp
Weight: 150 kg"
Top Speed: 256 km/h (world record)"

^^ Dave Martin photo- Ernst Henne in 1937

   ''The faired bike with “the egg” helmet set the fastest record in 1937 with a speed of 279.5km/h. This record stood for 14 years. He retired after that record and became a Mercedes-Benz dealer (amongst other things), and his racing heart kept him going until he was 101 years old.'' 

 First quote by Bike vs Rock vs Fun
2nd by Vintagent
3rd by Southsiders Mc.
4rd BRF

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