So much goin' on here it's really overwhelming...

      I'll just cut to the chase and fill you in with all the details. Just so we can admire a bit more this exquisite piece of two wheeled art. (Yeah I can use big words too, d'oh...)

     The bike was built by Pedro Sabiote in/from Spain during two years. At birth, the frame is a 30's Ariel. Triumph T120 engine from 1966, prepped and rebuilt by Pedro. The man did almost everything else you see in these pics; gas tank, oil tank, fenders, front fork, exhaust, brackets and anything else I could forget...
Nothing wasn't untouched by Pedro. Seriously. The engraving, paint, polishing... everything all done by the Pedro.
I'm rarely left without words and this is one of those cases.

     I don't know what Pedro does for a living, but I know what he should be doing !
Now tell me again how hard work and mad dedication can't make a difference... This is the ultimate example. I've had a winter+half a year bike project and as we all can assume, I wanted the damn thing up in flames and a few ''good fellas'' gun down in the same time more than once. But to pull off something like this...

  You can check the whole build-up process, here.
Pedro's facebook, here.


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