Minute I saw this bike I was hooked !

Seen it on a forum (...) and on the spot I was a fan. Why ?! Cause it's just the way I like'em. Big, long, rigid, NO HIPPIE HIPSTER BULLSHIT that's why. Pure fucking chopper with an attitude. Contacted the cool cat who rides it, asking for a few infos...

   Sixball sent me this :

    The bike started out with a Santee 250 rigid frame.  It was setup for a 5 speed tranny with E start.  I wanted a 4 speed kick only, so there were some challenges.  I added some more upward and forward stretch, and re-worked the top motor mount.  I also cut all the factory tabs off.  I drilled the backbone and added tubes for a frisco mount tank, welded on my own roundbar exhaust mounts and a rear exhaust tab.  I also had to heavily modify the seat tube to accommodate my exhaust and 4 speed tranny.  I welded on a rear fender and molded the whole frame.  No welds are visible on the frame.  ran all the wires thru the frame.I  I did all the fabrication, bodywork, and paintwork myself.
    Bought a 1975 Superglide several years ago just for the Engine.  I rebuilt it and put it in S&S cases that I had polished.  I always liked the look of a Pan top, but not a huge fan of the generator case.  I love the V look of a cone motor.  So I went with the best of both worlds (for me atleast) and put STD Pan heads on top.  These utilize the shovel O-Ring intakes, also have an upgraded 3 bolt exhaust flange.  I built the exhaust myself out of scrap pieces left over from other builds.  The internals under the billet finned rocker box's are factory HD from the 50's.  I added a Vulcan Engineering outside oiler setup with stainless lines.  I used stainless lines thruought the bike. 

       Love the look of dual carbs, so I customized an intake to allow me to use both the center case bolt and a top bung for two points of support.  I polished both the intake and the carb itself.  I added 6 inch velocity stacks for the ultimate look as well as a performance upgrade.
 Went with a Revtec 4 speed ratchet tranny, and made a hand shift with ofcourse a real 6 ball.  The 6 ball has some road rash on it from another bike I had before that I got hit on.  I keep it as a reminder.  I also fabbed up my own clutch release arm and linkages for the foot clutch.  The clutch is a 4 inch Bandit setup with a 3.35 belt.

I hand polished the frisco tank to a mirror finish.  The trees are American Ironhorse trees that I trimmed the turn signal mounts off and tigged in the holes.  The forks are 18 over 41mm with Pro One lowers.  The wheels are mis-matched.  The rear is an Indian, and the front is a RC Componets.  Avon rubber on both.  Since I wanted a chain final drive I had to come up with a tensioner to keep the chain off the frame.  It's basically just a chain rub instead of a tensioner, but it serves the purpose.  I used roundbar for that as well.  I made the seat and covered it with an old leather jacket.  The handelbars I made with about a 3/4 inch rise.  I used a JayBrake front master cylinder, GMA rear, with a PM rear caliper.

     All in all it was a long challenging build, but fun.  It is kick only with a Joe Hunt Horizontal mag.  It's a one kick bike most of the time.  I really enjoy riding it.

I.... I don't have anything to add... or ask. I'd love to hear those pipes and see a burnout tho!!!

 Full tech sheet :

Santee 250 series rigid frame
Frame modded (by me) to accomadate 4 speed tranny
Custom chain tensioner (by me) to allow use of chain final drive
All wiring hidden in frame
Indian 5 spoke rear mag
RC componets 21 front mag
18 over tubes
Pro One 84-99 style lowers
Big Dogg Wide Glide trees
Custom one piece bars by me
Hand Polished (by me) frisco tank
2008 Caddilac Escalade Green paint by me
Joe Hunt Mag
1975 Shovelhead bottom end in S&S cases
STD Heads
Cast Finned Pan Rocker Covers
True Dual exaust by me
Revtech 4 speed tranny
Chrome round oil tank
Dellorto DHLA 40
Custom intake and mounts by me
Footpegs by me
Jockey shift by me
4 inch Bandit open belt drive
Leather seat by me
PM Rear Caliper
JayBrake Hand Control

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