Black Flathead 1940 Chopper

       ''No room left for less. This 1940 U model is pretty much the maximum in minimalism that you can get in a Harley. It already ended up with us as a bobber and was the perfect base to get rid of as much as possible.
     It took more than 70 years for the flathead from Milwaukee to make its way to us via California. It’s a brazen bobber, which unfortunately was not quite as original as we would have liked it to be. The metal plates and other parts were aftermarket stuff – so it all had to go. The frame, engine and forks were fine, and after a bit of overhauling it was turned into an Ehinger motorcycle.
     Fully exposed in the black frame, the engine can be admired in all its glory. And because it is a side-valve engine, there are no small parts to obstruct the view. Now to add as little as possible: an open belt drive from NH-Power, an ultra-narrow Sportster tank from Japan, an air filter from Ehinger and a 23-inch front wheel accelerate this old-timer straight into the present day.''

Built by Ehinger Kraftrad

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