The author and designer of the Marinemine furniture is Mati Karmin, whose career is characterised by an intense and remarkably versatile activity.

Fireplaces from mines :

Aquarium & chandelier : 

 Bed, closet, desk, boss chairs...

  The frame of the artpieces is a historical deep-sea mine of AGSB-type, made in Russia in 1942. It was a big galvanic deep-sea mine, equipped with “Blok” device and two contact electro-magnetic antennas. The upper antenna was kept steady by a buoy. The mine was used to fight submarines. It was still manufactured in the 50-ies.

 And even baby carriages & a lot more...

     Karmin’s mine-objects possess the obvious utility function, but also multifaceted interpretations. The value of minefurniture lies in its uniqueness, wit and ambiguity.

For more info, projects & pics go to MarineMine

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