''Inspiration for a hot rod build can come from anywhere: old magazines (and new ones, like ours), books, friend’s cars, movies, maybe a grainy YouTube video clip of dry lakes or Bonneville racing. For Nick Todd, inspiration for his nostalgic roadster came from a source close at hand: his own family. His dad, Bud, and his Uncle John built hot rods back in the ’50s, and family photo albums are filled with pictures of the guys and their cars on adventures around the country, instilling into young Nick a strong affinity for postwar hot rods.''

 ’40 Ford steering column
’32 Three Window steering wheel
’33 Ford seat fabric
’32 grille shell
’40 Ford rear end
’49 8BA Flathead with H&H Flatheads
Dual Stromberg 97s

Full story, on Hot Rod Magazine. Quote by Drew Hardin, photos by Wes Allison.

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