What we have here, is a masterpiece boys...

  From my point of view, a frame can make or ''break'' a chopper. This foundation dictates the look of the  whole bike. The simple, clean lines of the CFL (Choppers For Ever)frame from West Coast Choppers is a great canvas. But just a few masters managed to put that in a secondary place by building some bitchin' choppers. A very good example is Chopper Syndicate's latest. Purple Haze.

    Had a little, awesome ''trivia'' with my friend Dominique Baltus, the man behind the Chopper Syndicate shop.

G: Tell us a bit about the bike...  
DB: The frame on it's own has a good story... I bought this frame at West Coast Choppers shop in 2005.
They sent it in Belgium in 2006 and I resent the frame at Torrance California. There is where I built this bike. This place is 15 minutes away from (ex)WCC.
    The Wheels are from the Alan Lee Desing where I work in Los Angeles. 21 in front and 18 rear. The fork is a real fork from the 70's.
I don't know the brand; it's normaly for a japanese bike.

   The frame is a 4 up 2 out original CFL frame from WCC in Long Beach. The gas tank is fully handmade by me. It's from 8 pieces of metal, built using 3 hammers and a piece of wood.
No english wheel etc etc just fucking handmade !
The oil tank too.
    Seat also handmade.Handmade rear fender with handmade struts.
The Handlebar is from stainless; handmade too.

The paint is a dark candy purple from House of Kolor. From where it's name, Purple Haze. Like the Jimmy Hendrix's song. Golden leafs here'n there.

Oh, and the headlight is a 40's Ford.

G:  Engine ? 
DB: Engine is a Ultima 1800 cc. Completly mirror polished. The gearbox 5 Speeds Ultima mirror polished too. Narrow belt drive, reinforced clutch. The transmission cover is an original Harley Davidson modified by me with bronze grills.

G: How much time did Purple Haze took you to build ?
DB: When I do the total of hours I put into Purple Haze, it took along 3 months. Rear end took about two weeks and the pipes 3 days.
 One month just to put it back again. Mainly because I also worked at some cars for my friend Alan in the same time.

Choppers Syndicate's facebook page.
Dominique's page.
Special thanks to Éric Harryman for the photos !

 Save the date!
     Dominique and Purple Haze will be this Summer at Artistry in Iron in June in Long Beach. And in August  in Nashville. More details soon on dWrenched.
 Right now, Chopper Syndicate is @ the Verona Motor Show (24-25-26 Jan 2015), a show we'll feature these next few days.
I hope !


  1. CFL (Choppers For Ever) Hmmmmm?
    WTF (What The Ever?) :S

  2. CFL (Choppers For Ever) Hmmmmm?
    WTF (What The Ever?) :S


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