Blast from the past...

      Built in 2009 by Dozer Garage, Skull is in my opinion one of the coolest boxer customs. Ever.
And don't even get me goin' about what kids are doing these days with boxers... (shit) trackers or cafe's .

Specs :


Engine: "KMZ" K-750
Ignition: Electronic
Carburetors: MMZ
Air Filter: K-750 chrome
Exhaust system: DoZer garage
Transmission: CMH "Dnepr" 4x speed
Starter: Kick, DoZer garage
Frame: DoZer garage, Hardtail
Headlight: Custom Chrome
Steering wheel: DoZer garage
Handlebars: Joker Machine
Fork: Prospect Island North Korea
Footboard: DoZer garage
Side stop: DoZer garage
Saddle:  Dyk Elah-burns "NOMAD" custom leather parts
Wing: DoZer garage
Taillight: custom chrome
Brakes: disc, etc Island North Korea
Wheels: front R21 DoZer garage
                rear R16 DoZer garage
Spokes: Landmark Twisted
Tires: Bridgestone

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