When brilliant minds don't think alike...

    Found this really cool motorsickle on the nets & I thought it's very interesting. But not only after my friend Jes (Jesse from Just A Car Guy ) kinda pushed me into making an article I started to get more informed about it... Guess I'm getting old ?!
 Anyway, the bike debuted @ the bike show Bike Shed in London a few days ago (May 23rd-24th ) & it was one of the most talked about bikes on display...

      It's called AeroPeu and was built by Bo Hare. While looking for more details I managed to find the proper intel in one spot. Since I don't like to take other man's work and make it my own, I'll just post what the artist Martin Squires wrote on his blog :

''There have been many attempts to make board track bikes using modern small motors bolted into cycle frames, which never really hit the mark for me but this Peugeot works! The Peugeot is a cycle motor, previously having a single cylinder 100cc motor installed. The builder Bo Hare has made an inspired and informed choice of motor, a scale model of a radial aeroplane engine normally used on radio controlled models. 

   Because it's a scale model the engine looks old in style and so doesn't stand out. The engine revs to about 7000rpm and so the bike really does go considering the cc is still 100cc.  Bo explained that it currently takes off at 7mph and so he is making a larger rear sprocket to gear it down to a more sensible 4mph starting speed. He also hopes to get it road registered so he can see what it can really do!''

    Long story short, AeroPeu is an 1930 Peugeot P50T oval boardtrack racer. The engine is a modern scale version of WW1 period Gnome&Rhone overhead valve 9 cylinder radial aircraft engine. Methanol premix fuel. Glowplug ignition. 100 cc, 7hp 7000rpm.

   It's fucken superb; great job Bo Hare !

Photo cred : Bo Hare / Bike Shed / (sketch by) Martin Squires / Picture Gr. Video posted by Bo that I updated on the dWrenched uTube page so everybody could hear it !

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  1. Man! You scored that gallery! I looked around only a little, and never saw those! Sweet!
    THAT's why you're the MAN!

  2. Splendid bit of engineering,great work.

  3. Always appreciated the "Mad Scientist" build, nice blend and a handsome outcome.

  4. Always appreciated the "Mad Scientist" build, nice blend and a handsome outcome.


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