“I think that '37 Fords are significant because they were the first Fords with steel tops, integrated headlights, and conventional alligator hoods—yet they still have that cool coupe look.”
-Ed Umland for Hot Rod Magazine, quote from the Jan 2013 issue.

     “I don’t care about impressing with the latest name-brand parts—I have to build this on a budget, so as long as it’s good, cheap, and does the job, or I can make it myself, I couldn’t care less about trick parts.”

^Extra shots from ''bballchico'' @ Flickr.

Ed Umland aka Eddie’s Chop Shop (Orangevale, California) twin turbo ’37 Ford Coupe.

Chopped, channeled and sectioned.
Mid-mounted 440ci LSX engine
1200 HP's @ the rear wheels. On gas.
Ford GT transaxle and modified C5 ‘Vette suspension.
Modified Corvette C5 front suspension.
Twin 80mm Comp Turbos with T4 housings.
Turbo Smart wastegates and blow-off valves.
Custom stainless headers and exhaust. 
Engine and heads buit by Don Zemina.

    Always wanted to feature this insane rod... That's how a hyper car looks like for me. LaFerarri, P1, Laraki, Regera, ... b!tch, please !

 photo check dw.jpg

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