Oh dear God !!!

The ebay listing closed a while ago said :

   ''Everything on this truck was either new or rebuilt a few years back when it was constructed. The first two things you will notice that you WILL NOT find anywhere else is the custom frame and the front axle. The frame was hand built with .120" plate steel and is punched with round and elliptical holes...AND CHROMED! The front axle was custom made from two 1936 Ford front axles - it wraps around the perimeter of the grill and was designed to maintain proper proportions by keeping the wheelbase shorter, and it also acts as a bumper. Another cool feature is the 1936 panels that were formed into the cowl to give the cab a swooping look that matches the curve of the frame. The cab has a full roll-cage for safety and structural rigidity. 

   This truck runs and drives great. It's fast! It has been on the road for a couple of years now and has been driven often and has never let me down. You can drive this truck 80mph with no hands on the wheel. This truck has been on the cover of two magazines and has been featured in numerous others. It has also been used in various ad campaigns. 

ENGINE: 1964 Buick 401ci V8 fully rebuilt with all new parts top to bottom. Bored .040" over. I have receipts for the build. Dual quad Offenhauser intake with AFB carbs. The intake was ported by Russ at Nailhead-Buick in Northern California. Engine has performance cam and rockers. High-torque starter. Offenhauser finned valve covers.

TRANSMISSION: Muncie 4 speed from a 1969 Camaro. Hurst shifter.

Rearend: Dana 44 with Dutchman axles.

   Body and paint: The cab, bed, and grill are all original 1934 Henry Ford steel. The roof was chopped six inches. The bed was shortened twelve inches. The grill was also shortened. The body work and paint were done by Miguel Torres of the San Diego Lifters. This truck underwent over two months of metal work to get the body perfectly straight before prepping for paint. The metal on this truck is all solid with zero rust and hardly any filler. Paint: metallic merlot by Dupont. Everything on the car is either chromed, powder-coated, or professionally painted.

   Misc: Original Ford lever shocks front and rear, Corvair steering box, 1940 Ford front brakes, Real 1" solid oak planks in the bed that has been varnished with marine polyurethane and bolted down with stainless steel bed strips, big 22 gallon fuel tank. 

   Wheels and tires: The wheels and tires are only ONE WEEK OLD! I just spent $3,000 a week ago on this wheel and tire setup. The wheels are polished Radir tri-ribs. The rear tires are Raider cheater slicks. The front tires are Excelsiors.''  

    Pretty fuckin' badass in the ''old'' form too, with the classy spokes wheels...

Ian Loska's 1934 Ford hotrod pickup truck.   
Photo cred Matt Amick & Marc Lowtech

 photo ride satans shirta.gif

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