A beautiful vintage photo set of some motorcycle hill climbing back in 1924.

Found these a long time ago randomly on the www but only now I asked myself ''why not share'em with the rest of the world?'' . The same q that got me starting dWrenched... That & the passion for crazy motorcycles. Enjoy !

      ''Years ago, I bought a box at an antique dealer, that contained "motorcycle memorabilia". I recently revisited that box and discovered that the contents were mostly photographs from the 1920's, collected by a member of the Oakland Motorcycle Club in California.

There are photos of riders, special events, runs to Northern California, hill climbs, and so on. I will post what I have as I can get it scanned.

Note that the photos are now in possession of the Oakland Motorcycle Club as part of their historical archives.'' - says Bob Swanson on his Flickr album.

    Photo credit to Bob Swanson. Flickr album, here.

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