The crazy Yama...

   At first, when Wojtek Spyra contact us via our facebook page, I was more like ''ehh, you know dude, we don't really post this kind of bikes on dWrenched.'' (me sounding like a douche, I know)
  It's not a Cafe nor' a pure fighter. Far from a resto. Not really a chop ? A bit of all of those if you think about it...
  The more I looked at the pics, the more I realised that Cyclops's place is indeed here...

     ''Ever since I can remember there were motorbikes around in my family.
Cyclops started as an ordinary xv750. I never liked the look of the stock bike (me neither !!!) but I really liked its big V twin engine. I had the project in mind for a while.  Wanted USD front with double rotors and at the brining I wasn't thinking of changing the rear swinger for the single sided one. At some point though I thought why not try it as nobody has ever done it before. As far as I know. Not with the shaft driven Virago at least.
   I basically swapped the front end. It's from a TL1000. It was an fairly easy operation. There is slightly more hussle with the rear though. Rear swing arm and wheel came off the NTV650. Had to rebuild the bracket to make it fit. 
The whole build took me around 6 months. 
   As you can see on the pics, the head lights, stainless fenders, the wlhole exhaust system, reversed levers for the front brake and cluch - all done by hand.'' -says the polish builder, Wojtek.

   ''The only thing that stayed stock is the engine and the main piece of the frame. The rest is modified, hand made or added off a different motorcycle. And one thing is off the ww2 jet fighter- the clock in the middle of the handlebars. I wanted the heavy look. I like the stainless/brass/copper so I used the bare metals.
   Basically wanted to do as much as possible by hand.
It was my first "big" project.  I did work on bikes before though. And I'm a technician welder/mechanic so it's all solid and it rides pretty smooth. I wasn't sure what to expect really but after the first test ride I knew it was good idea with that front and rear set up. All adjustable shocks (rear is yamaha R6).''

     Lots of fun to ride it. Covered over 5000km on it and it didn't give me trouble at all.
I am in the middle of couple of builds at present. 
   So you see... I was right when I finally realised that this is a dWrenched build ! Lovin' the craftmanship and the care for the details. More than that, I like how Cyclops looks like a weapon from the profile !
    Check Wojtek Spyra's other projects @ his facebook, here.

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