A legend and his 54 Chevy...

 ''A study of tradition and class. Clean lines, low stance, and a mean attitude make for a perfect driver.'' -Salinas Boys

     Cole Foster's / Salinas Boys 54 Chevy custom.

     ''Foster's chopped 1954 Chevy hardtop was the first custom that brought him national acclaim. He pulled the car out of a Northern California junkyard in 1988, then worked on it off and on over the next six years as time and finances permitted.
   The chassis was updated with late-model components for reliable cruising. The stock stovebolt six was replaced with a Chevy 350-cid V-8 hooked to a Turbo 350 transmission. A late-model independent front suspension was installed, and the rear suspension was swapped for a '64 Chevy axle on de-arched springs.
The frame was altered for clearance and the gas tank raised to allow for the lower stance. Hubcaps from a 1951 DeSoto were modified with bullet center caps.
   Foster chopped the top four inches, replacing the entire rear portion of the roof with custom-rolled sheetmetal by Don Fretwell. The new shape eliminated the factory "dog-leg" rear pillar design in favor of an unbroken tapered slope. The stock "wraparound" rear window was replaced with smaller unit from a 1950 Plymouth.''  From / more @  this link here

Photo credit @ Sean Klingelhoefer
Last photo by Salinas Boys.

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