Meet the Jetson(s)... Lambo style !

     In my book, Lamborghini Miura is one of the sexiest italians ever built. It was built from 1966 through 1973 in 764 units. It's still one of the most desired sports cars, ever. The 2 door coupe was packing in the back of the seats a huge V12 4Liters, another ''sexy'' thing about italian cars. And just for the sake of brainiac, it was replaced in 74 by the edgy Countach.

  In 1970, a crazy man, I mean a crazy dreamer decided to play around with a Miura, building The Miura Le Mans Concept. Found about it a few days ago and man, I had to know more....

''Little known designer, Luigi Colani is no less than the inventor of bio-design; a design concept that dates back to the 60's and is particularly in vogue today. In automobile design, the early intuitions of this designer were truly ahead of their time…

Paris 1952 - While studying aerodynamics at the Sorbonne, Luigi Colani was befriended by Charles Deutsch (1911-1980) an aerodynamics engineer already well known at the time for having designed several cars that raced at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (DB). In 1953, Colani was spotted by Simca and participated in the implementation of the first sports car in synthetic materials. Later, he designed the body of an Alfa Romeo, which broke the speed record at the Nürburgring.

Sassenberg 1970 – As well as putting his models to test on the Bonneville Salt Flats, the designer also planned to take over from his mentor at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In 1970, his studies in aerodynamic design of car bodies where the air flow was channelled toward the centre of the vehicle, with two wings enclosing the flow. He invented the extractor ground effect, but too early for its effectiveness to be seriously considered by manufacturers ... The C112 prototypes and Le Mans Concept 1970 did not impress investors...'' - via 24h Le Mans

     ''Unveiled in 1970, the Lamborghini Miura Le Mans was an out-of-this-world concept car, envisioned by legendary Italian designer, Luigi Colani. According to Colani’s website, the design study was a “two-part hybrid car”, with a Miura chassis rear section and front passenger cabin designed “like the cockpit of a glider”.

Liftoff canopy, joystick control, rear steer, same V12 in the back (I think) & a very sexy unusual body, Oh yeah !!!

It was used as a show car for about four years, when it suddenly went under the radar, only to be discovered 30+ years later by Bad Influence Hot Rods (BIHR), at an estate auction in Indiana. The new owner put it up for sale in October (2010) for $79,000, but the reserve wasn’t met. Now it re-surfaced on eBay for a starting bid of $74,999.

Unfortunately, the Miura Le Mans hasn’t aged very well, as the canopy is broken into several pieces and the engine is gone. However, many parts are still there, including the rear and front suspension, golden rear alloys with blue knockoffs, double nose wheels, brakes, calipers and steering.'' - via Car Scoops

     Very sad to see sucha beautiful piece of machinery & aerodynamics brought is such bad shape. Since 2011'sh I couldn't find any info. Mybe somebody wild @ heart got it & decided to make it justice. Or maybe not...
    If you have any info about the Miura Le Mans Concept please let me know. Use the comments below or message me @ dWrenched@gmail.com

     And just to finish this article in not-so-bitter note, a 1:43 scale model by Yow Modellini of the Le Mans Concept was made, so cool. I think I might look for one !

     Photo credit : Colani /  Lamborghini / Yow Modellini

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