From Russia, with (no) love; chicano style !

     Russian (Soviet) GAZ-24 Volga(s), which, in general, a dream car in the 70s, only people like policemen and bureaucrats had them. There were even options with a whopping (for that time) 195 hp V8, but that was a unique privilege - marsolar72315 via 9gag

     I know that the Russian kustom car scene is not that huge, but from my own ''investigations'' I found some really cool cars and passionate people.
The only lowrider car club that I managed to find is NonGrata .
Will post more once/if I find more about these two beauties !!!

Photo credit ''slava1302'' via Flickr.

Below, a member of the NonGrata CC havin' some fun with another bitchin' GAZ 24 lowrider :)

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