Diamond Deuce, 1932 Ford hot rod truck. Master artist Jeff Norwell's red eye candy...

  ^Photo set by Trent Steeves

     ''Diamond Deuce had about 4-5 different owners throughout its Hot Rod years.....Many changes and many looks.'' 

     I found another little bit of history on the "Diamond Deuce". Car Craft August 1962 had a small pic from there monthly features of car shows around North America.

Pretty interesting.... but the facts were incorrect. It did not have a 39 trans. Had a LaSalle tranny... and not sure about the 40 rear. I have heard others who remembered different.
None the less... kind of neat.

          ''If anyone out there has pics or history... Please call me.'' -Jeff Norwell

^Artwork by Todd Jones

^Artwork by Larry Williams

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