Trevelen's Born Free 7 Shovel chop...


     I do have a lot of respect for Travelen (even tho he never answered the facebook q I sent him lol) but this next statement on his instagram made me respect the man even more :

    ''So this is how publication works for anyone who really wants to get there motorcycles in a magazine. First you spend a shit load of money to build a motorcycle. Second you ride and parade it around to all the big events which cost you more money. In return you sell $123.00 in t shirts and stickers and have a lot of drunk people ask you stupid fucking questions. 
    Third you get approached by a publication to shoot your bike. In which it cost you more money because you take a whole day of work to either shoot it locally or at a studio. In between all this false fame bullshit you're trying to sell this over priced motorcycle you just built praying to the gods that you brake even because for the last 6 months you were playing rock star and the bills are stacking up. Finally your issue comes out (that you have to go find and buy on your own) and your ego goes to the roof because that millionaire that subscribes to that magazine is going to call you and buy your paper weight of a motorcycle for thousands more than asking price. 
     After no such call comes in and you final give up you have no other option but to do what most of us impoverished artist do and cut a deal with the devil on E Bay and loose thousands. Now let's go make everyone else money.''

    ''It's culture'' just like he says in the video... And passion, I might add.

Sugar Bear springer
Michael (Buck) Ramirez paint
Seat by JP Custom seats
Ken's Factory tailight

Photo credit Joyrides /  Super Co / Michael Ramirez

Super Co website / instagram / facebook 

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