RU  a hater, yet ?!

  If I can remember corectly, when dWrenched was a lil pup one of the first ''dWrenched articles'' was in fact a photo post of an AHB chop. Been a fan since... hell knows. The fact that the man builds straight up humongous strange lookin-ass kickin' chops without any asswipe deciding what and how goes where it's fuckin' awesome. And the results are badass. Always... Of course ''haters gonna hate'' but that's the best part. Since this is Hater 3, I guess third time's a charm & it also gets featured here, hahaha

     Bigass 30' Vader front wheel, the first ever 30 inch Vader wheel by the way, all metal, handmade ''nothing cut on a CNC machine'' . Dinosaur custom I-beam style one-off frame and a huge 36 Dodge Cuope (rear) fender strikes the imposing silhouette of the Hater 3.  But honestly, the engine is why I decided to make an article about this After Hours bike. Man that shit's weird and cool @ the same time. It's a 2 cylinder Kubota diesel engine. Will ask AHB the exact model just so we know what kind of HP's we're talkin' here. That thing looks awesome inside that frame, with all that ''plumbing'' , the turbo... :)
    Amazing details all around as you can see. Just to let you know that it's a labour of love and crafted with passion. Not a redneck's creation. Thought from affar you could be misled !
      Lots of brass parts all around , rust and attitude. That open belt primary... ''Jaws'' @ your left ankle haha
And don't even get me goin' on that wooden ''shield'' for the rear fender... I love it ! No mice in the grinder today !

      Clearly it's not on everybody's fav list. Guess that's why I like it so much. So different, so nasty, so dWrenched.... It's simply a bitching ''laidout diesel powered custom creation'' , how After Hours Bikes described it.
    Too bad I don't have 70K's to spare to park it in my driveway !

 Here are some shots of the Hater 3 from SEMA 2015 my friend Jesse from Just a Car Guy Blog took :

    Photo credit After Hours Bikes (besides the ones above)

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