The last chop posted on dWrenched in 2015 had to be a wicked one. Ladies & gents, 1953 FL Panhead, “Da Pan” !

     Purchased new in 1953 by a true bike guy (1%er) located in the LA chunk of Cali. This FL Pan was taken to very early in life & stripped of all unnecessary clutter & chaos. The owner had written in his mind the Panheads future from the outset. Da Pan had unwittingly found an owner that knew bikes & knew exactly what was needed to get the job done right from day one. If you take a look at a factory ’53 FL Panhead in your left hand, & then take a look at this girl in your right hand, you will understand the true meaning of “less is more”.

      Da Pan has spent a life of full noise action without a doubt. She was a rider, not a garage queen. If this girl could tell a story it would blow your mind. She spent the first 50 years hitting the road on a regular basis & later in life was often freshened up until the early 2000’s. By this time the original biker passed on in his 80’s & Da Pan was offered onto his right hand man. His bud however was also of some considerable age. Life had slowed down for Da Pan.
   By now Da Pan was not getting the road time it deserved. The second owner was aware of this, & made the decision to offer her a fresh start for only the second time in her life. It was then that the services of a well-respected motorcycle enthusiast were called upon with locating a worthy custodian of this historic Panhead. (Tim Graber of Classic Motorcycle Consignment in LA, Cali.

       The next chapter in the life of this well partied Pan were about to be written “Down Under”. The year is 2011. Da Pan found a new home in Queensland, Australia, where the new and current owner, my friend Kenton McKay, had one sure commitment in mind. 
     To be loyal to the history of this very special ride.
   '53 pure Pan, hardtail,  no front brakes, no front fender, no speedo, no horn, 100% Fuck yeah. 

Photos by Leslie Buschel, Dirty Love Magazine & Kenton himself. 

Ps! : In a few pics, you can spot Da Pan with another bitchin' Triumph chop. That's another aussie friend of mine's ride, Tarin's. More of that one soon on dWrenched :)

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