Steven Bloom's 1955 Ford F100

Engine: 1994 Ford 302 stroked to 347 (495 HP)
Eagle Rods/Keith Black Pistons/Comp Cams/AFR Heads/Edelbrock Intake/MSD
Ignition/March Accessories. Engine Built by Tony Pontieri of Pontieri Automotive
in Bolton Ontario.
Transmission: Ford AOD with a Hughes Performance Torque Converter.
Driveshaft: Inland Empire Driveline
Chassis/Suspension: Custom Chassis built by Total Cost Involved Engineering with a TCI IFS front end and RideTech Shockwaves.
Rear End: Currie 9 inch with 3:70:1 gears with 31 spline axels.
Custom Metal Work: 2-inch chop top/hood corners rounded/hand made front-rear roll
pans/extended bed sides-rear fenders/shaved drip rails/shaved door
handles and installation of large back window from a 56 Ford f100.
Completed by Stony Smith Oddball Kustoms of Uxbridge Ontario.
Body Work: Joe Tassone Deez Rodz & Ridez in Uxbridge Ontario.
Final Paint Work: Jesse Rogers at Deez & Ridez with a custom color designed by Steven’s wife called Michele’s Gold.
Interior: Modified 2010 Ford f150 with custom fabric along with custom door panels/headliner stitched by Terry Coons of Thronhill Ontario.
Plating: Mayfield Plating
Wheels & Tires: 20 inch Billet Specialties SLG-45 Wheels/Nitto Tires
Stereo: Planet Audio with JL Audio speakers installed by Mike O’Connor of Newmarket, Ontario.

Photo Credit: Patel Brothers via On The Ground Designs

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