''All started because I found the fender in a dumpster...''

     ''It's a 66 Triumph Bonneville, unknown frame modified to accept the Triumph motor, now 750cc with reversed head an magneto. Custom stainless exhaust thats heat wrapped. 5 speed conversion. 19 inch front spoolie wheel, 16 inch rear, Yamaha XS650 fork that I shaved and made a custom stem for. Clip on bars. Chapperal gas tank. It's 35" tall measured to the top of the trees.  I did all the work on it and have about $500 into the whole bike.

     -Shawn Seaman

   A pure example that you don't have to break the bank to have a bitchin' ride.
Thanks a lot Shawn !
You think you have a cool ride dWrenched worthy ?
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