Tomahawk on 'roids...

     At the Geneva Motor Show 2016, a few weeks ago, the French design firm Lazareth presented their own wild crazy ''motorcycle'' ...
 It's looks it's striking familiar somehow, maybe because it does look a lot with the Dodge Tomahawk. But with a twist... The whole concept is a lot more agressive with an ever more SFish look.

     Tomahawk had its Dodge Viper’s engine pomping 500hp from its V10 engine. Lazareth LM 847 packs a 4.7 liter, 470hp, V8 engine from Maserati, with a leaning quad chassis built around it.
The bar-end mirrors are not qute from the same ''movie'' if you ask me but the Panigale tail is a nice touch. Dual Telelever suspension kit, front and back. As a hot rodder and chopper guy, the headders are my favourite part on the bike. Don't get me wrong, I do like the whole crazy bastard !

     The more I thing about it and if I let my imaginaion fly for a minute, Lazareth LM 847 also has some shades and maybe some inspired angles from Tom Cruise's 2002 Minority Report's Lexus. It's like Tomahawk and that Lexus had a baby haha :)
    Bur seriously now.... man that looks FAST !

Photo credit of the LM847 and the full list of specs @ Lazareth .

 photo banneris.jpg

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