Hot rodding, from Russia...

   ''The idea — the creation of a classic American-style hot rod. In autumn 2010, work began on a "first" project with the Japanese engine V8 3uz-fe, 4.3 liters and based on the frame and suspension of the Crown. In the summer of 2011, because of some financial problems and after understanding how much  building ''a period correct hot rod'' involved, the idea was frozen. The car was dismantled and sold. Only the cabin was saved. After a detailed study of the "culture-custom" construction principles of building a hot rod, the necessary information was gathered, calculations were made and since January 2012 the project started to take life.

The Vehicle is a russian Moskvich 401 55 with a 5 cm roof chop, 30 cm lowered cabin, suicide doors, longer wheel base, Chevy Small Block V8 5.7-liter (400 hp) engine added. CAT Chevy TCI reinforced, front and rear  2-ton beam Japanese truck axles; springs, "kustom- chassis" and ''custom suspension". 32Ford grille." Full list of parts, here. The Hot Rod was built by a car shop in Irkutsk, Russia, called Jass. The Moskvich 401 Hot Rod bares the nickname "LuckyDog13''

Some build up pics :

     Now, the hot rod is painted maroon, but I like it more when it was black... Either way, well done Jaas !

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