“The tires, wheels and headlight are the only pieces that were purchased. Every other part was made by hand.”     

      “The Musket is a project that I have wanted to build for years; even before I built motorcycles for a living, I used to drool over this hand-made gem of an engine. It’s essentially where the build started. It’s a work of art that was hand-carved from a block of wood, hand-cast at a foundry and then hand-machined, all by the amazing Aniket Vardhan to make this, the 1000cc Musket V-twin engine.” - Hazan Maxwell for Pipeburn

     “I tend to gravitate toward the minimal side of things, so I don’t like cables and wires. But if they have to be there, then I try to make them interesting to look at. I also wanted to make the handlebars completely clean, so I ran an internal throttle cable through the 7/8″ bars and went with a hand shift and clutch to clean up the lower controls. I decided to cut into the primary drive, run it dry and move everything outwards to make room for a disc brake in the transmission. Surprisingly, it works great. This also allowed me to simplify the rear wheel, too.”


   The Musket Royal Enfield V-twin by Hazan Motorworks

Royal Enfield 500cc engine upgraded by Mr Aniket Vardhan to 1000cc /55hp.
BF Goodrich Silvertown car tires
Photos & video by Sinuhe Xavier/The Mighty Motor & Hazan

 photo ride satans shirta.gif

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