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   It's the phrase I used so many times every time I wanted to feature this bitchin' machine. Well, now or never !
   The bike was built a while ago... and when I say that I mean many years ago, around 2008 in Finland.
It was built by Janne Pihlas for his girlfriend, Terhi.
  As you can see (or probably seen already on the Street Chopper website since January 2009) the elephant in the room is the mono leaned forward front end. Starting from the idea of making something that was never been done before, Janne went with his vision to the extreme. And holy sh!t, everytime I see these pictures I get hooked. The whole bike was built by Jannes himself, painted too.

     The engine is a '55 Triumph T100 that was pretty much left alone. Hardtail frame, oil in frame, 47 degrees of rake and 4 up. Open primary, suicide shifter, (very) short exhaust pipes and clean bars.
 The 21' front custom six heart wheel was designed by Janne. Probably because Janne *heart Terhi.
Don't know why, but I see stars... The gas tank also has the shape of a heart.
   To sum it up, pre unit 500cc Triumph T-100, Weber carb, magneto and a crazy lover boy with the dedication and vision of building something crazy. Job achieved to say the least !

     Honestly, I just wanted ''to bring the sexy back'' after all these years so even more people could see and enjoy it.
You can check the whole blable blable of the original 2009 Street Chopper article and the whole list of mods, here.

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