'' I planned this (year’s) attack, I had already started thinking of how to make this ’46 Knuckle crazy from top to bottom. Huge displacement, about a dozen carbs, 5 magnetos, exposed flywheels with fully engraved cases inside and out. Then a certain peace crept up from my loins... This time, for once, I want to keep it simple.''

     ''I’ve got the engine completely apart, down to the bare cases at this point. My approach this time around is to build a super clean and fun machine with classic details and a few modern twists. As much as I appreciate original iron, I’ve never been a restoration guy. I’m a chopper guy. So, if along the way I feel the original heads need more fins or external drains, I’ll add em. If I want to shave some fins off the original cylinders or cut the relay block off the cases, I will. I may do a dual Linkert set-up, but beyond that, I’m just going
to build a straight forward 74” Knuckle engine.

      Another neat piece I’m working with on the project is a 1970’s era Little John 5-speed overdrive transmission. This predates the HD 5-speed by about 10 years and is an overdrive instead of just a close ratio.

   For the frame, in the light of my new-found aesthetic clarity, I’m going to hard-tail an old Shovel frame I’ve had knocking around the shop, and clean up the original casting for light molding and paint. I even thought about going super-sanitary with a tube neck and no castings, but I do love the organic feeling of massaged lugs and mounts. I’ll paint the bike here at my shop...''

     '46 Knuck Born Free 7 Build by Paul Cox @ Paul Cox Industries
Quotes & the rest of the story @ Born Free Show

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