(Skeboard wheel tensioner & bikes taillights from the other 3 from the set.)
''I made a silicone mould off a bearing and nut, and cast them in candy red resin to make the lenses before pressing them into the wheels with some LEDs wired in to make it all work. You can even see the bearing numbers on the lenses if you look close enough.'' -Pipeburn quote.

      Hardache- ‘74 Honda CB360 by Justin Holmes from Queensland, Australia’s Popbang Classics.

23' Honda XL500 rim laced front wheel
Painted and pinstriped by Kjell (VonPatto) Patterson
Faux oil tank under the seat with electrics
Sissy bar stainless handmade & seat pan
Antigravity 4 cell battery
Twin Wassell 626 carbs
Stainless pipes
Amal style levers
Cole Foster grips
Handmade pegs & kick starter

Photos by Kenny Smith

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