Cloud 9 Chopper by Flying Choppers  (Andy Niemi / Hese Tolonen) . 2008 built.

1955/2008 74" Panhead
S.U Eliminator carb
Intake manifold swept over to left and integrated with upper engine support.
Tranny 4 speed modified
Flying Choppers narrow hardtail frame
Modified softail fornt end 45 rake , 5' stretch
21" Spool Flying Choppers front wheel
18" A-Ford Style narrow Flying Choppers rear wheel
Modified Ironhead mechanical drum rear brake
Foot controls and shifter hand-made by F.C. "Bird Bones"
Shifter knob of glass by Lost Jonny, Victoria B.C.
F.C Drag Shorties pipes
Handmade oil tank, hidden gas line.

Graphic design by Hese Tolonen with J. Alasalmi
Chroming / plating by Metsämaa

(Can't remember from where I have the photos, sorry. Been collecting them for a while... Photo cred for a few to FS)

 photo getitdwwer.jpg

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