Sometimes, just sometimes...

  If you go to the menu bar above and click the ''wicked rodz'' tab you'll know that here @ dWrenched we like old school hot rods and badass kustoms.
  But sometimes, you ran across a car that simply makes your jaw to hit the floor.
    In fact, this lowrider (?) kustom rat rod has been in my mind ever since I've seen it in the Renegade Magazine, in the Spring of 2012 issue. Since then I wanted to feature this kustom... But somehow, I either ran another cool rod/kustom or I simply forgot where I stashed this photo gallery. But this fucker always had a special place in my ''when the hell are you gonna post me?!'' list :)

     Long story short, this '49 Ford Shoebox was built by Bob Bauman of Mad Mods in south Florida.
Slammed, bagged and powered by a small block 350 Chevy with dual 660 Edlebrock carbs. Bitchin' one-off mad duck hood ornament and oh yeah, giant stacks for the dual carbs !
It was built as a side project only a few hours after shop hours and it took around three and a half months to complete. The rusted body was joined to a S10 Chevy sub frame and other junk laying around. Interior...what interior ? Class act inside, Walmart beach chairs :)

     ''Fun'' fact straight from the magazine, right when Bob took the car for its maiden voyage, he got rear-ended ! Is that luck or what ?! Back to the shop welding and hacking...
It's low, mean, loud and fucking beautiful in my book !

Some of you guys may have seen this crazy kustom a long time ago, some of you never heard of it but ''someday'' finally turned in today for posting it on dWrenched. I still have ''a few'' cool stuff from the list I mentioned above, so bare with me :)

 These days the car looks like this :

Photo credit Carlos Segura via Car Type & Renegade Mag for the cover photo. Mad mods for the most recent (last posted) photo.
PS : You can see more of the blue art chopper on the cover above @ this link

 photo banneris.jpg

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