1984 Ironhead by my friend Dorin Racz @ Anarchy Custom 

Handmade frame
60's-70's AMEN front end
AMEN front wheel
60's Ironhead rear wheel
60's-70's Ironhead tank, narrowed
Handmade exhaust
Evo modified oil tank
IJ rear fender

   Maaan I love this chop, it's right there on my alley in terms of looks and stance. Bitchin' lane splitter motha-fucking chop :)
It was a pleasure to hang out again this year with Dorin @ T Fest when/where I snapped like a ton of pics of his bike, almost 100!
 An extended gallery of the bike @ our official Flickr, here.
     Cheers dude, you fucking rule !!!

    You may remember Dorin from another, a lot more crazier project, El Lunes, that we covered last year...
Link to more photos of that one, here. Photo credit for the photo below @ Lupascu Photography. 

 photo semper ad small.jpg

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