Seen this cool build a few days ago @ BikeExif and whoopty doo, it fits right into the dWrenched creed. I don't know why I just said that... the whoopty doo part... Sheesh !

    When I saw it first the view of the cordless mobile band saw popped up in my head. You know, that ''hip'' tool you get to see in every metal-working-chopper-related video these days...  Guess that's the trend now. Btw, that sh#t tool ain't cheap !
(photo link -here-  for those who don't know what I'm talking about)
    Speaking of trends, I don't see another reason why BikeExif goes in the original article (here) on and on with the steampunk idea and term; regarding this creation. It doesn't have the slightest thing in common with the steampunk art or feel. Again, maybe it's another ''hip'' term to use these days for washing hipster brains :)

 ''Easy (Like Sunday Morning)'' as is named, is a 18hp's 1964 Jawa two stroke 350 with a clean, minimalistic, industrial look. Jikov carb, in-house built short exhaust.
    This is what Berlin-based Urban Motor have built for their entry into Glemseck’s inaugural Essenza sprint.-BikeExif quote
   From the donor Jawa bike only the engine was kept while the body was custom designed by Henry Schulze.  The tubular frame was built by Urban Motor and Marvin Diehl of KRT Framework, built the bodywork; in colab with UM. In the same minimalistic style, the bars were welded to the rigid front end.

     Cleary Easy is not a motorcycle built for comfort (you kiddin' me ?!) or speed. Going fast maybe while going down the road downhill, as close to vertical. (Too mean?!...funny though)

   But I like it because it's simple in a honest way I can't explain; yet ingenious. And even sexy. In a way only very thin sexy ladies can be. It's not something you can explain but it's there !

    Glemseck 101 photos & vid of Urban Motor's Easy, enjoy ! Wish I was there to see this little bug going down the road ...


Urban Motors website
Inside photos by Tim Adler & Essenza

 photo ride satans shirta.gif

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