''How to make a NIMBUS-engined supercharged methanol-fueled Bonneville Salt Flats racer...

...Think up stuff, make drawings of said stuff, make stuff, put said stuff together, start up the darn thing ... BRAAARP !''  Says Lars in his latest post on his Nimbus goes to The Bonneville Salt Flats Facebook Page.

    But let's not go too far ahead without a proper introduction.  Mr. Lars Nielsen, from Denmark, is in the process of building what is going to be the world’s fastest Nimbus motorcycle; Odin's Fury. Finally I pull the trigger on this subject; rode from work straight home today to ''take care of business''.
    You see, this kind of articles I make from time to time are kind of a big thing for me, because I'm talking about some special people and their special projects. It can get a bit overwhelming for me, seriously.

     ''Nimbus motorcycles were produced by the Danish firm Fisker and Nielsen from 1919 until 1960. These machines were powered by a 749cc, single overhead cam, inline four cylinder engine that produced between 18-22 horsepower, hooked up to a three speed transmission with shaft final drive.       A stock Nimbus is capable of cruising at 55 mph with a short top speed burst of 75 mph; Lars is in the process of building a rip-roaring example which he will be campaigning at Bonneville. Lars’ Nimbus is set into a custom, low-slung frame and the motor comes complete with a supercharger. No matter how fast his machine goes, it will likely become the fastest example of the Danish four cylinder in the world.'' - via Classic Chrome Radio
     Odin's Fury will run on The Bonneville Salt Flats in the 750 APS-VBF class ( Max. 750 cc / Home-build frame / Partially Streamlined / Vintage / Blown /Fuel ).

    ''First off this absolutely beautiful front-wheel. Started life on some Italian bike, then I ran it for 10 years on My BSA Caferacer, then I ran it for 2 years on my Indian at Bonneville and I think there's some good karma running it on this thing. It's a double-sided double-action Grimeca brake/hub with an Akront rim.'' (-Lars)
     Frame is Lars's own design that kinda cradles around the engine and gas tank. Made with 32 mm/4 mm pipe. The front fork comes off a Harley Davidson Sportster,  (Future) modified Nimbus engine with AISIN supercharger from a Subaru Vivio, driven by cam-shaft.  Keihin CV carb. And of course I loooove the zoomies !!!
     The fairing is the most strike-looking, after the exhaust and it's an aftermarket piece for a MZ bike. Produced in Denmark sometime in the seventies. The tank come off some unknown moped. Home made seat.

    Some parts-n-bits build up photos because...  just because I know you'll enjoy'em :

   The Odin's Fury NIMBUS is not completed yet; we all know how a big project like this has it's good days and off-days. Hell, it took me almost a year to get this article up and running...
It'll be a great day when we will finally see and hear this crazy Danish bike on the salt !
   Untill then you can support Lars by getting a NIMBUS shirt. Contact him via Facebook, here. (I have to have mine, damn it ! )
   Btw, you can enjoy the October Bonneville Speed Week in pics, here. Too bad the September 2016 finals have been canceled (via scta).

     My glass is almost Jack'less (damn you evaporation ! :) ) and for now, I lay my tasks to rest.
Will update this great story as soon as Lars goes forward with the progress.
  Taking my last zip while enjoying the NIMBUS sound...ahhhh, perfect !
To be continued...

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