Max Hazan's stellar & latest handbuilt motorcycle, the BSA500.

    “I usually start the build process with a single part from a motorcycle. But this time it actually started with three pencil strokes on a sheet of paper. It was a shape that I had been drawing for years.”  (-via BikeExif, full article here )

    “The rear half was one of the most challenging things I have ever done,” he admits. “To make everything seamless, the rear sprocket became the axle as well. The rear hub is actually seven pieces machined from billet aluminum and chromoly.”  (-via BikeExif, full article here )

     “Luckily, the owner’s manuals back then were basically assembly instructions, with every single nut and bolt accounted for.

 The engine is incredibly simple. I built it from the bottom up in a day, eyeballed the ignition timing, and it fired up and idled perfectly. Once in a while you just get lucky!”  (-via BikeExif, full article here )

      ”Pyrex oil tank, I'm sure people will get all fussed about it breaking despite it being pretty tuff may break one day but it will look pretty cool until it does. Putting the #hazanbsa500 together for the last time thanks @captneptune for the glasswork.” (-Max via his Instagram, here )

First start in almost 60 years, can't wait to get it off the table and take it for a spin #hazanBSA500

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Photo credit : Shaik Ridzwan / Max Haxan (the raw metal shots) / the sketch photo by Max Hazan from The Ride book

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