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   If the name  Rocket Bobs Cycle Works doesn't ring any bells to you already, I'll try to refresh or recharge your memory. It's a one man('s) shop, in Wiltshire, UK. Ran and operated by Pete Pearson. A motorcycle engineering psycho (& friend of mine).
   Besides his slim Dyna rear end kits and (high quality) custom parts, he also tends to drift away from normality/reality and often he gets into a ”dwrenched” mood; coming up with jaw dropping projects. Probably from all those donuts and ”sugar spice and everything nice” (Powerpuff Girls reference he'll love...) products !
   The last Bob's project we featured, not so long ago, was ”3 Finger Eddie” , a crazy low & fast monster.
   Speed Weevil is his latest crazy mofo and it already scooped important awards like 2016 Artistry in Iron winner / “Master Builders Champion” and ”Best Engineering” at Custombike 2016.

   At first, if you're not into bikes/custom stuff/ (or simply life) you might mistaken Speed Weevil with a kid's bike or even a somewhat custom BMX cycle. Trip and fall on your face next to it and up-close, crazy details will start to come around...
   From the infinite hight-quality materials to the porno welds this thing is simply amazing.

   I myself fancy best the gorgeous girder front end fork. Take a sec and check that out and you'll know what I'm trying to say here. And that rear racing/UFO styled seat; and the welds, oh my god I love those, or the frame, or...

 One things is for sure, Pete of Rocket Bob's is a metal qeek. And a damn good one ! The book-fantasy geeks have JRR Tolkien, we have...Pete hahaha.

    ''Rocket Bobs Girder front end. Streamline section 4130 aerotube. Internally sprung in headstock with all linkages 316 Stainless''-Pete

   ”I always tend to over engineer everything but at the same time I always want to make the engineering unobtrusive and svelte. For example, the frame looks spindly and is held together by pins however it’s made of T45 steel and those pins are made of Inconel slotted through 316 stainless slugs with a 0.02mm tolerance which is all extremely strong.”

     ''This is the first Triumph we’ve built because the engine was too cool not to buy. It was made in 1935, one of two factory race engines built for the 1936 race season. Since 1936 it has been through several racing owners and has 70+ years racing pedigree. It has been featured in a book and has been a star at Brooklands race circuit where it last raced in 2008. The engine is an absolute legend and we were extremely fortunate to come by it.

  The Rolls Royce Merlin V12 engine as fitted to early Spitfires carried two of these (RR supercharger) units either side of the front bell housing. They were used as air pumps to run the ships systems as per modern jet liners where they use super chargers to pressurize the cabins. This one was shot down over the Mediterranean in 1942. We bought both units off that engine and, after some major refurb and re-manufacturing, we made one good one. It was pertinent to use this because it is from the same era as the engine and it’s British, and the frame we made from T45 which is a British steel used in the manufacture of the Spitfire itself so it all tied in nicely.''

     ''Speed Weevil will hopefully run at Bonneville in 2017, late summer. It is in the 250cc air cooled, pushrod, vintage, blown, unfaired class. The current record is 61.894 mph.''

   I just could have asked Mr Pete for infos etc about Speed Weevil but he already gave sort of an interview to freelance photographer Johnny Pag @ itspags.com
From there I fished out Pete's quotes and the above 11 photos. Also wanted to suprise Pete :)

Rocket Bobs Cycle Works website
Rocket Bobs Cycle Works facebook

Photo credit : Johnny Pag @ itspags.com /  Frank Luger @ Custombike Magazine

Full tech sheet (also thanks to J. Pag) :
Engine: 1935 Triumph L2-1 which has raced in the UK for 70 years
Frame: T45 with 316 stainless steel slugs and Inconel pins which hold it together
Trans: 1965 Japanese grasstrack race box
Front fork: Internally sprung 4130 aero tube girder with 316 stainless steel support arms
Swingarm: T45 grasshopper arm with 436 jack shaft running 12 high speed bearings
Supercharger: 1942 Rolls Royce Merlin compressor retrieved from a Spitfire
Turbo Charger: Extensively re-worked snowmobile unit
Fuel tank: Modifed 1977 Ironhead peanut with internal intercooler, plenum chambers and wastegate plus adjustable inlet tract
Carburettor: Yoshimura downdraft
Ignition: SEM magneto
Oil tanks: Also engine cradles, 316 stainless
Rear Brake: Fully custom with Hope caliper
Handlebars: Carbon
Wheels: Supermoto race with Dunlop full wets

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