''Badass electric motorbike(s) from Switzerland'' ... woot ?!

    ''With this bike, we demonstrate that an electric drive can look fierce and behave like a beast. This is not a project in user-friendly cuteness but a fusion of raw, biker appeal and unbridled electric force.

Zvexx P1 is not about being cute, it's a badass bike with brutal acceleration that was designed to look great and it attracts attention from every direction! Bystanders look on in stunned disbelief. Supercars all but disappear in the presence of a Zvexx.'' 

     Bold statement, ey ? As you might know I don't really get excited to the words electric + motorcycle put together. But as time goes by it looks like this niche got pushed forward and further ''for the need of speed''.
    I'll be an asshole (...) and say that the overall look reminds me of an Walz custom bike and the beefy upside-down front end with huge dual disk brakes and the ''alien'' headlight/cowl of radical Uk streetfighters. The Swiss team behind this project managed to put together one hell of a (electric) machine, with remarkable stats.  Like the 1218Nm (!) of torque right to the wheel popping out from the 26 lithium-ion battery cells adding up to a total of 13 kWh. 150km/93 miles of range. The P1 accelerates from 80km/h (49mi/h) in about 3secs; crazy, right ?! '' With no cluth lag (lol).
     (...) the silence adds a ghostly quality to Zvexx that leaves bystanders wondering what they are witnessing.'' Oh, don't even get me started on how ''awesome'' (read deadly) a ghostly silence while riding a motorbike in the real world can be...
    While the fatty on the rear emphasises the idea of a monster bike, the long -wide beach bars don't quite fit with the look, IMHO.

     Clearly not for your usual grease monkey or garage mechanic, the P1 is still a great exercise of the techonoly pushed to its limits; bringing us closer today to ''the future''. Don't get me wrong; the sound and smell of the burned juice is what I love about motorcycles, to see the parts moving plus ''the thrill'' is what makes a motorcycle... a motorcycle. So, do I like the P1 ?! Yes, for its ground breaking numbers and the package it's put under,
       And if I could I'd put a poker card in the rear wheel's casted spokes so I can hear a ''brrrruuuuummmm'' while moving around; just like we used to when we were kids and riding bicycles :)

     Photo credit & quotes Zvexx.com

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