America’s Most Beautiful Roadster @ GNRS2017

     ^^^Chris Shelton photos via Custom Car Chronicle

     ^^^ Photos by Bang Shift

  (& how the car looked @ Grand National Roadster Show 2015:)

     ^^^Photos by Just A car Guy

   “Originally, we based a lot of the ideas on a Delahaye and the LeBaron-bodied cars and things like that. We kind of mixed and matched. We picked pieces of things we liked and started to design a car from scratch. Two-thirds of the way through the process, we realized we unknowingly built something very Packard-ish. So then we embraced that idea, but most of it’s coach-built.”
 -Troy Ladd (owner @ Holywood Hot Rod)

    Inside shop photo back in Dec 2015:

 (Quote & photos above via Autoweek)  

      The Mulholland Speedster, Bruce Wanta’s 1936 Packard 1401 Coupe
Built by Hollywood Hot Rods

   John Philipp just posted a cool inside shop photo @ the Holywood Hot Rods facebook  :
''March 2013 at Hollywood Hot Rods, already amazing!''

  ! The full list of the AMBR 2017 contenders, here

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