More radical than radical.
  Ever since the choppers ''came out'' they were all about excess or being radical and in your face. On the way that state of mind took all kind of turns and we ended up with all kinds of custom, chopped, modified bikes. Fat, long, raked, deadly machines.
And since in 'mmmerica bigger is better, the Boss Hoss monsters started to apprear in the 90's. Why the hell not stick a V8 chevy on two wheels, right ?!  

   As you might imagine, I'm not a fan of the big fat rear tire chopper genre. And I am in a way happy (?) that the whole vogue is over. Just to be clear I'm talking about those ugly-ass, extreme 300mm rear tires that turn like a shiny crazy painted... tank. Known as cookie cutters. Thank #$%^& the fade is over and burried. But I do like a 240-250mm sexy ass in a well balanced (maybe raked) bike. Now we have the ''vintage'' craze that made all the old parts cost like gold and the dyna scene. But those are other stories that I don't care to discuss about here. Or in general...

   Fast forwarding to our current days and finally coming down to our story, Robbie Ward of New Zealand took the Boss Hoss philosophy to the max. You see, I read a lot of auto-moto international press so when I stumbled across Robbie's story in the March 2017 issue of NZV8 magazine I knew I had to post it up on dWrenched as well.  

   ''Pure Insanity'' as it is called, was built by V8 Choppers in Oklahoma, USA. It's a 2011 model and the bike was bought by Robbie from Australia. It came with a 372ci Dart small block engine that pulled around 450hp's. But Robbie felt the need of an upgrade. For those who don't know Robbie (like me, at the beginning of this article) he's no stranger to the pro imports racing scene in NZ. His workshop, called R.I.P.S is specialized in upgrading racing engines, 1500hp cars, drag fuel/NOS systems and one off custom builds.

  So the V8 received twin Nelson Racing Engines (NRE) symmetrical turbos. That translates in around 600hp on 7psi of boost. Now I'll admit; only that front view of the skinny tire in the long front end with the NOS bottle and symmetrical turbos... Oh my ! That's just plain sexy. And agressive as hell. Fast is an understatement in this case. I can only imagine the huge muscle-car like torque of this monster. Like a gearhead that I am, deep down inside I think I always wanted to ride one of these bikes...
    The NOS bottle is not just for show but I don't think Robbie will ever have such a long strip available for all those horses to be unleashed; pumped from behind by the magic gas.
The mods list is so big and vast I'll just post it below... (Details list via NZV8)

372ci small block Chev, Dart SHP castiron block
Steel crankshaft,forged 4340 steel I-beam rods
Hypereutectic alloy flat-top pistons, Dart alloy heads
Edelbrock intake manifold
Blow-through 750cfm Jake’s Performance
Holley Double Pumper carburettor
Custom R.I.P.S intake plenums
Custom intake piping
Two Turbosmart Race Port BOVs
NOS two-pound nitrous bottle, NOS fogger nozzles, NOS nitrous solenoids
Block-hugger headers, custom exhaust piping
NRE symmetrical turbos, three-inch dump pipes
2½-inch exhaust pipes
Turbosmart Pro-Gate 60mm external wastegates
custom wastegate exits, Mallory distributor
Powermaster alternator
V8 Choppers single-speed automatic, custom shift lever, finaldrive chain
Custom front fork, 44-degree rake.

You can check Robbie's R.I.P.S Racing, here.
Get the NZV8 magazine in digital here
(remember, March issue if you wanna read more about ''Pure Insanity'' ).

Photo credit Adam Croy via The Motorhood

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